Forge Garage are specialists in preparing your vehicle for its annual MOT test and can carry out your Motorcycle, Car or Light Commercial Vehicle MOT on site at our facilities on the Vestry Trading Estate in Sevenoaks.

The MOT test

12A-1000Cars more than three years old must be subjected to a rigorous MOT test annually.

The tests ensure that your vehicle meets minimum road safety and environmental standards.

Where vehicles have failed their MOT, a refusal of MOT certificate (VT30) is issued. These vehicles cannot be driven legally (except to a garage for repairs or to a test centre like ours). The certificate states why your vehicle failed and what needs to be done in order for it to pass.

MOT due soon? Book in with us to carry out your MOT test

How we can help

Forge Garage has been preparing cars to pass their MOT for many years.

Our pre-MOT service – Our pre MOT service examines your vehicle thoroughly prior to us carrying out the MOT test examination. We will advise on any areas of concern and suggest how any problems should be addressed saving both time and money.

MOT repairs – If your car has failed its MOT then we can help. We are able to make good all of the repairs and adjustments listed in your car’s Refusal of MOT Certificate, to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Our fully equipped garage has the latest MOT testing facilities and diagnostic equipment allowing us to work on modern cars in the same way that car dealers do. Our servicing and repairs follow all manufacturers’ stipulations and does not affect your cars warranty.

So if you are planning to take your vehicle for its MOT in Sevenoaks then look no further, we provide MOT testing and MOT servicing that will ensure that your vehicle passes its next MOT test with flying colours.

Engine Management Lights
Dashboard Warning Lights indicate that something is wrong with your vehicle and you should take action to resolve the issue. Ignoring a warning may lead to severe damage or engine failure. If you see a warning light on your dashboard contact us straight away to discuss the problem and to find out how we can help.